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12 Month Giveaway - January - Jazz Davis

This 12 month giveaway is probably one of my favorite ideas I’ve ever had for my photography business!! I hand picked my roommate Jazz to receive January’s free styled shoot. We have lived together for almost 4 years. She was a Starbucks barista when we became roommates… And now she is in full-time music doing what she loves!

This is a “pay it forward” giveaway, so Jazz will choose February’s recipient!!

Each session will be styled by me & based on facts I learn about the recipients.

Jazz’s shoot actually was first based on this color!! She wore this lime green shirt one day & I couldn’t get over how GOOD it looked on her!!! Then I decided I would try out a neon eye shadow palette from Walmart on myself to see if it would work for the shoot… Lime green will always remind me of my childhood, so I felt like this could be a throwback session!! Like, giving some Lizzie McGuire feels?? Then, I considered how Jazz loves space!! So I had to incorporate a fun background that reminded me of outer space.

I gave myself the challenge of having a $7 budget to create this background… So I bought aluminum foil & VOILA — a space backdrop!! Aluminum foil is not something I’d use for an actual session because it clearly isn’t impressive from the outside looking in… But I KNEW the results would be exactly what I was going for!

So get ready to follow along for the rest of the year! I’m so excited to style and meet new friends all along the way!

BEHIND THE SCENES : Here is the inspiration for my neon eyeshadow look! I always try out my makeup looks on myself before recreating them on my models. This look was especially bold and fun.

Here is the set up of my "backdrop" that clearly looks unimpressive walking in!! But the results speak for themselves -- I love the way the light bounced off!

Here are a few photos with a simpler edit for potential album cover art! :)


Follow me on instagram to follow along with the 12 Month Giveaway : @mackenziewray_photography

February's session will be coming soon!!


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