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October 2, 2018

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California Dreamin'

March 31, 2017


Every college student, (Yes, even graduate students) are asked what their summer plans are. It can be exciting and a little intimidating. Depending on my season in life, I may have answered that I was going to Guatemala to work in orphanages. Another summer I may have said I was just going to cut grass with my daddy most the summer and go on a beach trip with my youth group. Last summer I would have told you that I would shoot weddings and visit my longterm dream destination, Paris, France! 


It can get very dangerous when we try and compare our summers, and our lives in general, to others! A month ago I fell into this category.. I had no "interesting" summer plans like the majority of my friends did. But I quickly had to reel myself in and give my future plans over to the Lord. However, I wasn't idle just waiting on something to fall into place. I began to be in search of options that I could use my gifts and talents. 


That's when the familiar name Saddleback Church came up.


Rick Warren's church. 


In California. 


A three month long internship. 


I started with all the whatif's and how it would be impossible for me to go. I thought, "How could I be gone all summer when I haven't even run the idea by my family yet." I never get to see my family already and now I won't see them all summer either! What if they didn't support the idea; what would I do? What if I am not good enough? And how will I ever pay for the trip and three months of supporting myself in California! Besides, I wouldn't know a soul in the entire state! 


My mother used to say "Do something everyday that scares you." 


God said he does not give me spirit of fear.. But power, love and sound mind! (2 Tim. 1:7)


And Pinterest told me "Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will."  


Between the affirmation of the Bible, my mother, and Pinterest I decided to put myself out there and apply!! I thought I might as well go for it because I wasn't about to allow the whatif's to hold that much weight. Little did I know that this past Wednesday I would be accepted into the Saddleback internship. It's going to be an incredible growing and learning experience to be serving beside the staff and worship team. 


So this means I will be a California photographer for the summer... Not a Shelby, NC, Greenville, SC or Lynchburg, VA photographer. I am excited and sad to announce this!! 




You can help support me WHILE you invest in beautiful, quality photos for your family! I'm going to have a week slot that I will be in Shelby. I've spoken with many of you that wanted to know when I would be back in town and this coming Easter week will be THE week to do them!! Every single thing I make will go towards making my internship happen at Saddleback church! I believe this is how God wants to use and grow me in this period of life. And it is exciting to think that my photography business can also be used in the process to make it happen. 


Feel free to message me if you'd like to support me while ALSO investing in some beautiful photos for your family!! I'd love to book the Easter week out! 


Thanks for reading!


Mackenzie Wray


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