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October 2, 2018

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Cross Country Road Trip - The Grand Canyon

May 18, 2017

People keep asking where I'm from cause my accent is kinda telling on me! But as of Saturday, I had never been farther west than Tennessee! As a little North Carolina girl with a love for photos I got real excited real fast on the drive over! I took the photo above wide-eyed at how flat everything was and couldn't get my camera lens off fast enough to take a picture!! 


At that point in the trip I could have just stayed here at this mound of dirt and taken photo shoots for days! It was so different and so beautiful. Of course, no picture I have taken on this trip has done any justice from what we saw!! But I legitimately thought I could frame this photo and hang it up one day!! (I know some of you are shaking your heads..haha).


But as I look at this photo and know now what was to come.... I'm shaking my head at myself too!! I would consider myself a dreamer, but sometimes I even astound myself at how pathetic my dreams are! The fact that I thought this point of the trip was so amazing makes me cringe. What if I would have just said, "20 hours was enough! This mound of dirt is enough! We need not go any farther!" and sat content far short of what lay ahead? As I thought and prayed about it, I realized many people go through life this way! They are marching through life and stop at the mounds of dirt sticking up over hundreds of miles of flat ground and say "Welp, this looks like all there is as far as my eye can see." Then they cop a squat, pitch a tent, have a family, get a job, and grow old having never known anymore! 


One of the most refreshing speakers, Francis Chan, said "I don't want my life to be explainable without the Holy Spirit."


As nice as this mound of dirt is, given a lifetime, I could have sculpted it myself. I could have dreamed it myself. But the scariest part is, I could have enjoyed myself! See, my dream, plans and goals have been pathetic compared to what God has given me! I'm talkin' PITIFUL! They were plagued with self doubt, small-mindedness, and limited understanding of what could be!  Now, I'm not saying you have to go to a different country, or be rich and famous, or become a worldly standard of extraordinary to experience what I'm talking about! 


I was reminded this past week of a group I sang for when I was 13 called eTeens. I sang in that for about three years. As wonderful as that time was in my life, it easily could have become my mound of dirt! I was eye-eyed and terrified to sing every week for 60+ people. At that time, I can't say my dreams really extended past that! But God's dreams have been astronomically more! 


Please, please hear me when I say that this world's standards of "awesome" are not the aim! But I want you to ask yourself, "How explainable is my life?" Is point A to point B a simple process that takes NO help from an almighty, all-knowing, creative God! And maybe if you don't know Jesus as Lord then you're wondering what I'm even referring to... (Please message me and I'd love to talk!) But for me to say that the creator of the world is writing my story and for Him to effect it in no way.. For it to be boring and explainable.. For it to have no end goal but making sure you have enough money till you die... That's hardly a life story and certainly not one God has written! 


As the creator of creativity, my story has been a ridiculous tale of me reaching for the highest book on a shelf and Him opening up the heavens. It's always been something I never saw coming or could even understand! I look at my little mound of dirt photo and would be totally find with deleting it into oblivion after seeing something so much more..And that's when we drove up to the Grand Canyon...  


I don't know about you, but I could have never made ^that for myself. I am convinced that when God is given the reigns that there is nothing but awe that overtakes you when you look at the story unfold! He's the creator of ALL and wants to be the writer of YOUR story! Don't settle for mounds of dirt! (Seriously go back up there and look at that photo now..It's sad!) Don't sell God short because He's so much more than we'll ever know in this lifetime! 




Mackenzie Wray

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