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October 2, 2018

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Laguna Beach, California

June 4, 2017

It is incredible how quickly things change... One season comes and the other goes! Last year I was graduating from college wondering where on earth I'd go or what I'd do! Photography was the plan and I thought I'd be heavily submerged into that industry a year ago! 


People ask me all the time, what are your plans for the future? Where do you think you'll live? Will you continue pursuing photography? Or will you pursue music? If music, will you be a worship leader? When do you think you'll get married? How old are you? On and on....


Don't feel bad if you're the asker of the questions.. Cause I am too! hahaha 


I have honestly got just as much idea about my future as the next person! Every time I come up with some distant future plan it never plays out that way! Ever. But the most exciting part is that I do not even want it to be up to me. As a Christian, I've been bought at a price and it's the smartest and best decision I've ever made. Honestly, it kills me daily to think precious friends of mine don't get to experience this along with me! It's unbelievable.. Supernatural. AMAZING! 


If you would have asked me March of this year what I'd be doing this summer.. I would have been wrong, as I usually am about these things. But this is the ONE instance I want to declare to everyone PRAISE GOD I'M WRONG! I would have told you I'd be helping out my daddy cut people's grass. Sorry daddy...;) I'd go chaperone a youth trip to the beach (which makes me really sad)...Photograph a few wedding days. This is was my assumption because it's been the routine of my past few summers! 


But a few months before the end of school I was having a conversation with a friend.. We were talking about some of the wild dreams we had. I told him I thought it would be crazy to visit California and do a cross country trip.. I told him I'd have to find a friend out in California to stay with to make it possible and said I knew I couldn't talk anybody into doing that with me! 


By the way, I promise I'm not making this up.. Just writing it sounds pretty unbelievable to me and I lived it! hahaha But I have to write this so I never forget! 


Anyways, I heard a friend of mine was heading to California for the summer to David Jeremiah's church! Then one thing led to another and I heard about the opportunity at Saddleback! And here I am.. 


Crazy, I know...But if you would have asked me TWO WEEKS AGO where I'd be for the month of June I would have told you Lake Forest, California. Of course all my free time would be at Laguna Beach (in the pictures above/below).. But two weeks later, I found out I'm not going to be in California for the rest of June. 


My heart was so torn because Saddleback has been one of the most incredible communities of people I've ever gotten to be part of!! These people feel like family already and it's only been a few weeks! And I can't wait to continue growing all these relationships when I return to California in July!!


However, there has been an added adventure offered to me by New York Time's Best Seller, Karen Kingsbury! As most of you readers already know, she is one of the best Christian authors there are. Most of you are nodding in agreement because you feel part of the Baxter family!

And if you haven't read her books, you ought to because you will love her romantic, clean, mesmerizing stories!


Her newest book is making its debut this summer and Karen Kingsbury is going on tour to ten different cities! She was receiving her honorary doctorate at Liberty when my team was leading worship and the rest is history. She has asked me to go on tour with her to lead worship. I am so excited and can't believe it!! 


So like I said, if you ask me what's next... Just know that my plans will always be far more boring than God's.


If I would have went with my plan.. I'd be on a lawnmower right now...... hahahahah! 


I tell you, He's creative! Don't go thinkin' you can out-do Him! You'd be selling yourself unimaginably short! 


I'll be back, California... Until July, Laguna! <3 



 I'm sorry for the random birds messing up the flow of the beautiful landscapes .. But I was cracking up when I caught this shot!! I had to share!! Hahaha





I seriously wish every one of you could just see this in person.. The vastness of the sea could never be captured in the confined borders of a photograph! 






Thanks for reading!! I love you all and hope my testimony can encourage you to trust the Lord with your life!! Not because of what you might get out of it...In hopes that it'll land you on a cool beach or other stuff that has no eternal value. As good as all this stuff is and as thankful as I am for them, Jesus is far, far, FARRRR better! Wherever He is--wherever he guides me--that's the closest thing to heaven I'll get on this earth! As long as He's there. I pray you all take the chance to fall in love with Jesus! 



Mackenzie Wray




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