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October 2, 2018

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We're All Busy Waiting!

July 17, 2017

Have you ever flipped open your Bible randomly and thought "Readyyyy... GO! Teach me something God!" Well, I'm not going to lie, I was in a weird slump the past couple days and I just wanted Him to tell me some sort of truth that would get me out of this weird, drained feeling I couldn't shake! That's when I flipped open the book and I saw this heading that resonated with me perfectly:

 I quickly thought through all I'm waiting on God for.. I am waiting for answers of every kind! What's the best way to get home? What will I do after this last year of school? And I am waiting to get out of these lethargic couple of days I've had! As I'm processing all these things I'm waiting on God for.. I feel my heart drop down to my knees when I read what it's actually talking about! It's not talking about this waiting on God to meet my immediate questions and make life easier for me! Paul was writing in anticipation of waiting on Jesus to COME GET US! And he wasn't going to just sit around waiting on that to happen, but he was going to stay busy, not wasting a moment until that day came! 




Can someone say SELFISH!? 


Here I am thinking that when I open my Bible that it's going to be a fix-it for my own personal issues that I'm allowing to steal my joy. But the Bible is not about me...It's a window into the heart of God that reminds me how much I am loved and that fact alone transforms me! But the reality is that everyone is always going to be busy waiting on something at every point in life! Here are some examples in my life:

Here we were waiting on our food on a youth beach trip... But this stage of life I really was waiting on God to show me who I was, what would I want to do after my youth group days were over, waiting to see if I'd marry any of the guys all the girls talked about on our trip haha... Waiting on God to see if He would always be there even if nobody else was.. 



 Here we were waiting on Kyle's graduation ceremony at Liberty University to start! But this season I was waiting on the Lord to tell me if I'd ever get to be the one going to a University.. Liberty was always the goal, but anywhere!! I never thought I'd get to go, but I was waiting! 



 Waiting for ANOTHER year at Cleveland Community College to start. This was the summer I sang a lot with my band at the time, Lovewell, wondering if I'd ever do anything with music. Turned out the Lord said no to Liberty.. But I was waiting on the Lord to show me my"what's next!" Cause all my desires, talents and goals expanded far outside what even seemed possible here! 



 Here I was in NY on a mission trip after hurricane Sandy! I had just decided after a year of school pursuing dental hygiene that it wasn't what I wanted to do after all! Little did I know, later that month I would try out for North Greenville University's Joyful Sound. That would change my life in every way and I had no idea..



 Here I am waiting on my last Joyful Sound concert ever. Three years there with some of the BEST friendships formed. A few who shaped my life in ways that I'll never forget cause they made me who I am today! My entire senior project was based around this idea of transition and what was to come! But I was waiting to see what my "what's next" would hold... And to my utter disbelief.. That was Liberty University!



 That brings us to the present... Here I was sitting on California shores waiting an hour to catch the waves crash on the rocks just right. But over this past year and all the things that have happened.. You'd think I could look over these photos and realize that I don't have to just sit around wasting time waiting!! God is already THERE--wherever it is I'm wondering about! He's brought me so far and He's not just going to walk out now! How dare I sit around giving in to this slump of uncertainty.. Allowing the enemy to steal my joy even just for a couple days!! And here I am opening my Bible wanting MY life's answers and peace! And God sure gave it to me..Just never like I expect it! 


If you find yourself, like me, getting caught up in your own personal picture and are missing the big one.. Then I hope this encourages you!! We ARE waiting, but not this silly, stressful waiting that controls our hearts and minds and is constantly questioning God! We are waiting, preforming every good work He's laid out for us in advance preparing the way for His coming! Life has got nothing to do with who I'll marry, what job I might land, or how "successful" I'll be... My only purpose for drawing another breath is to spend it in active anticipation of the day I'll meet face-to-face with my Jesus!! 




My Dear Jesus,

as you have allowed me to see small inklings of your worth, I pray over my coming seasons to just look back on your faithfulness!! May I never fall into the enemy's trap of focusing on this here-and-now and miss the whole point! We are here on this earth for such a short time, so I pray these silly distractions would never come before You!! You're of infinite worth and whatever I can do in this life that will radiate that truth is all I want to do! 



Mackenzie Wray




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