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When Two Worlds Collide

October 2, 2018

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Never As They Seem

August 4, 2018


 I was about to write “sometimes things do not go according to plan,” but then I laughed… Ha. I would say about 99% of my plans do not go according to plan. However, the amazing part is how God always gives me what I need instead. 


“My thoughts are not your thoughts 

Neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.

For as the heavens are higher than the earth,

So are my ways higher than your ways

And my thoughts than your thoughts.”

Isaiah 55:8-9


So much relief runs through me as I read this. The pressure of figuring out why I am in Nashville, who I need to talk to, making sure I am in the right place at the right time…and so on and so forth.. 


Truth is, things are often glorified. It would be easy to have you believe everything has been perfect and smooth. It would be a lot easier to write and probably more enjoyable for you to read! I could post pictures of my new apartment, my adorable roommate, and my new job. But it would be an understatement to say that this has been an emotional roller coaster. Its been more like an emotional rocket ship that almost crashed, but at the last second got back on course by supernatural intervention!!! 


I’m so dramatic… 


Gosh, yet so accurate!




Once I got here, I immediately started networking with those I had contacted earlier this summer! I had so many people to meet and thought my plan was fool proof! I went to churches, photographers, contacted musicians, businesses, restaurants… Yall, I even went to Home Depot!! 

I applied for jobs everywhere!! 



You know it is bad when even Home Depot wont get back to you!!!!!!!


After my pride was shot, I came to realize that no job like Home Depot would hire me because they see my Master’s degree and immediately think I’ll be a waste of resources to train. But no place like Dave Ramsey’s will hire me because I have not had 3-5 years experience in sales. 


COME ON!!!!! 


Ten days after arriving, feeling the pressure of finding a job, I was talking to my friend in California and she told me their church could use someone in worship. I had done all but get on the highway! My bags were in the car! My options were at the ultimate low! I did not have a place to live because I had no money to pay for a roommate. I needed a job and I needed it yesterday. 


My closest friend here told me, “Give it till this weekend. You just got here! Don’t give up yet!” I looked at my bank account, I looked at Nashville's rent, and then I looked at him. I said, “I’ll stay through this weekend, but if nothing works out, then I have no choice but to leave.” I cannot explain to you the feelings of utter failure. I questioned if God called me here or if I just came because it sounded good!    


I went to church that Sunday and asked if anyone needed a roommate.. I still had no job. Monday morning was coming and my hopes were dwindling at an alarming rate. You know those moments that you feel so down that your whole personality shifts? That was me. I was devastated. 


But not a day went by that I did not tell the Lord the pains of my heart! I knew His thoughts were far above mine, but I wondered why He didn’t let me know a little sooner that I would not stay in Nashville. But He knows best and I said I'll go wherever He leads.   


The dreaded Sunday afternoon has now arrived. Decision time. Not the “where are we going to eat today?” kind of decision, but the life altering kind! I am sitting in the parking lot of a restaurant where I applied to work.. It felt like 1,000lbs where on my chest. That is when I got a text from a girl I met that morning. She said, “I have a friend looking for a roommate!” 


Monday morning I met my roommate.. That afternoon I was called in for a job interview. This is the day I had planned to hit the road!! Imagine how God parted the Red Sea right when the army was behind them to re-enslave them? This was to test their faith, but also to swallow up the army right behind them! The STRESS of having an army out to kill, steal, and destroy your life right behind you is one thing.. But to get to the other side of the sea and see your enemy swallowed up along with all doubt and fear that God is a very present God… I’m crying. 


God did not just let me come to Tennessee with the illusion that it was because of my talent, degrees, or experiences.. NOOOOOO!! HE ALONE got me here and HE ALONE kept me here. 


I have no idea what is coming, but I have no doubt God will continue to be glorified through me. 


Here are before and afters of my room… 


Situations are rarely ideal.

Always look at things for how they could be. 

Not just as they are!





 It's so fun to decorate with cute things you already own tooo!!! Bags, books, or blankets! 

 The brown curtain and curtain rod were each $2 at Goodwill! 

 This lamp came from GOODWILL!!! 

I know, I can't believe it either...

 The little pink flower bowls were $1 on Hobby Lobby's 90% aisle! 

 The pink board was from Target in the cheap section at the front of the store for $5! 

This circles on the wall were also $1 from Hobby Lobby's 90% off aisle! <3 

The brown stripes on the wall are $2 art paper from the dollar store! <3 haha

 The easel was $5 from Hobby Lobby because I had a coupon AND it had been open already! 

Praise God! WOOOOO!! 

And that, my friends, is how you decorate on a budget!  




Mackenzie Wray


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