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When Two Worlds Collide

October 2, 2018

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The Furrow Family - Greenville, SC

November 11, 2019

                 Do you remember when you used to stay up wayyy too late at Waffle House? You went so often that you called the waitress by name! Do you remember scouting out your freshman homework spot? You didn't realized when you picked it, but it became "your spot" for the next three years. And remember those Saturday mornings at your favorite coffee shop and how you never drank a latte without first giving it a well deserved photo opt? What about the Friday nights downtown with your friends? You all dreamed in unison about the future over ice cream you bought with your dad's "emergency card" because you knew he'd understand. You were sooo young, you practically had no past.... So you dreamed.


You'd talk about the boys in class...

How many kids you wanted...

What job you would have one day.........


This little South Carolina town, where I made these memories, now holds that long awaited, new seasons for an old friend. I came to Greenville to find all of Emily's college curiosities captured. She has entered into this gorgeous new season of motherhood. 

Go ahead and look through.

I think her dreams are awfully photogenic. <3

 Oh, my--Those eyes! 

 Anytime Emily's hair would hit the sun, I melted! 

 I kept singing in my head "THIS GIRL IS ON FIYAAAAA!" 

 He's already an adventurous little thing! :)

 I can't get over his little outfit.... omg! 


This precious little smile is too contagious to be hidden in an album... Just sayin. 

 Disney Princess much? Mannnn.... 



 We were technically leaving when I yelled at them "DON'T MOVE!" 

But I don't think they'll be mad about it! ;)




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