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When Two Worlds Collide

October 2, 2018

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Brooke Griener - Maternity

November 18, 2019

The last time I saw Brooke, I was photographing her honeymoon bound getaway car!!! She was absolutely glowing the day of her wedding. She was completely present the entire day, which is a feat for every bride. You could just feel her soaking in every moment. After the vows, the kiss, the cake--we were ready for the exit! I watched through my lens as she blissfully road off into a new season of life. She was a wife for the first time.


Now, fast forward about four years!!


I am sitting in a park at golden hour waiting for an old friend. This will mark our fifth shoot together! I see a car pulling in next to me, and that is when I saw it! That car next to me held the same glow I saw driving away four years ago! No one really knows what sparks the glow, but my theory is that the glow finds it's way to the people who are living the long awaited moments they've only dreamed about till now.


Brooke and I caught up as we roamed the park and captured her beautiful baby bump. THEN she told me the name: Lila Leovanna.


Oh, and if you ask me... If Lila looks anything like her mommy, she's going to be a stunner. <3 



Just capturing a couple of gorgeous seasons: Fall and Motherhood


So exotic.... <3 

 But for real yall, I don't think she has any idea how gorgeous she is! 


 The sunlight hit her like a spotlight.... <3 

 You should be on the cover of a fall magazine! 

Brooke's style is just to the roof, yall!

 And she's crazy classy, yall....



I am so blessed to have known this incredible woman.

Sweet Lila has got a very blessed life ahead of her.