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Callie Cook + Joshua Lester - Saddle Woods Farm

This fairytale wedding at Saddle Woods Farm in Murfreesboro, TN was a sheer celebration! When Callie called me this past spring about photographing her wedding, I could tell right off that she was a girl who knew what she wanted. Then, once I met Callie and Joshua at their engagement shoot, I could tell that more than anything, she knew she wanted him. The writing was on the wall, they both were head over heels, so getting to know them over the past few months made this day even sweeter!

The weather was supposed to be rainy all throughout the day, but as you look through these photos, you will not see a single umbrella in sight. In fact, Callie and Joshua had some of the most beautiful wedding portraits I've ever had the privilege of taking. It certainly does help that these two are completely and totally in love, so any photo of them would be obvious of that, but we just had the sweetest time after the ceremony chasing down the sun for that perfect spot and boy it PAID OFF!

For the QUEEN!

I don't know if you can tell, but I'm a big fan of light pink too... <3

Who needs glass slippers when you can wear THESE?!

These two #flowergirls were too adorable. <3

A mom and daughter have never looked so gorgeous! These dresses were every girl's dream!

Something borrowed, Grandma's hankie... Something blue, the garters.... Something perfect, Mrs. Callie Lester!

Sheer beauty! <3

This suit color is WORKING!!

Daddy - Daughter , First look!!

This is a #favorite


Comm'on grooms! You know you wanna show off that suit in your own personal photo opt!

"The first touch"

Their hands just fit so perfectly... I mean, how classy can you get?!

#saddlewoodsfarm was just stunning!!!