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Cielo + Josh - Downtown Nashville Elopement

It's not everyday that I get to meet a couple in Downtown Nashville for an elopement session!! Cielo and Joshua visited from Miami, Florida and wanted to surprise their friends and family with the big news with the photos from our session. It was the busiest Sunday afternoon I've seen in a long time, so in between every photo we took, these two received another "CONGRATULATIONS" from a different pedestrian in the Nashville crowd.

We had one moment during our shoot that felt like a movie and I will never forget it. I told Cielo and Joshua to walk into the street and stop dead center of the intersection. They shared a kiss during the red light, and you should have heard all the cars "beep" their congratulations and cheers erupted from all the by-standers. It was overwhelming in the best way!!! What is more pure than strangers getting excited for your milestone moment?? Hearing Nashville cheer for their love story was a song in itself, so KUDOS Music City! I think we could consider that moment the melody for their first dance in the most romantic and poetic way possible.

So please scroll through our time Downtown Nashville and make sure not to miss the pedestrian's faces throughout! They tell their own story! LOL!

This lady in the background was the level of energy we experienced the entire time. We loved it!

The Pedal Bar Car in the background is my favorite and the most Nashville thing ever!!

Congratulations to you two!! I cannot wait for our future sessions together - Come visit with the kiddos anytime! & thank you Nashville for making this experience one that these two will never forget!!

I know I won't!



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