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Skeeters Wedding Day - 4 Points Farm - Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Is there a more perfect town than Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a December wedding?! Especially when when the bridal party is decked out in cowboy hats and boots and the dance floor was filled with line dancing pros! Natalie and Chris' big day turned out to have the best weather possible for their outdoor ceremony. 4 Points Farm's barn was all we could have asked for! Not to mention, there was this old truck that matched Natalie's wedding colors that of course we needed a photo opt with. I have watched Natalie and Chris' love story unfold over the past few years.. So watching them recite their vows was just a beautiful moment.

Okayyy, THIS is a fave!

I told you this truck was awesome!

Hey hey, blue eyes! I see you!

Check out this unique engagement ring...The color is just stunning!

Working those matching monogrammed flannel shirts. What a great idea!

This is always a great reminder! I gotchu! ;)

These cowboys are killing the hats!

I love how this emerald green just pops!

This old truck made for the BEST photo opt!

Yes, I'm convinced...This one MUST to be printed!! They look too perfect.

Those rolling hills are SO Gatlinburg... Tennessee landscape never fails me!

Family photos before the ceremony is such a great use of time! This wedding was seamless.

Please prepare yourself for some of my favorite photos from this day... They speak for themselves.. LOL!

We had live country music for the reception and it was so beautiful!

You could just see these two radiate joy the whole day..

Natalie and Chris, this day was 100% a reflection of you two!

I am so grateful you had me come to celebrate with you.



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