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Priscilla Miller - Nashville Artist - Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville artists are always the most fun to capture! I get to learn all about their style and create a session around who they are. It was such a privilege to take Priscilla's album cover photo AND design the album art! Priscilla is a new gospel artist and is about to release her first single called Love Myself next week.

Priscilla made sure this session was top notch on all levels, so she had her professional makeup done by the incredible @madisonhdennis

All I can say is, I’m going to start recommending her to all my clients, because WOW!

She is managed by the amazing @natalie_kaye_robertson who planned out and made this shoot happen! Thank you so much for the introduction and trusting me to create her album cover. She couldn't have looked more beautiful!

Here is the final product for Priscilla's latest album cover, designed by yours truly!


View my recent headshot session HERE:


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