The Baker Family - Shelby, NC

Family photo shoots make me sentimental. It's my job to capture the little moments that the family will miss one day. Today I captured a dad who can still throw his son in the air and a mom who can still put big bows in her mini-me's hair! But as the photographer who only pops into kid's lives every year or so, the phases are sped up for me and I know their season will be new the next time we get together. So to all you moms and dads out there who can still hold their child or do their hair for them, I hope you capture those moments like the Baker Family and I did today.

Remember holding them.

Remember their discoveries.

Remember playing with them.

Remember their sleepy head on your shoulder.

Remember what was important to them.

Remember their dependance.

Remember their little laughs.

Remember their silliness.

Remember this season.

Baker Family, I hope you enjoy the cartoon and stuffed animal days.

They certainly photograph beautifully! <3

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