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Photographing since 2010

Do you ever feel alone in your photography journey? If only you had a friend to come along side of you and teach you the ropes, maybe then you could reach your goals of becoming a full-time photographer!


if so...



Mentorship Program

This one-on-one mentorship is unique because it is a customizable course that is tailored to your requested areas of weakness. After all, the only way to strengthen a blind spot is with someone looking out for you! You will be empowered with practical tools to transform your business in only one hour per week of intentional and personal guidance. You can choose specific areas you want to be educated in from the 8 different course topics. You will learn in only 6 weeks time what I have learned in over a decade of pursuing this career.

Humble Beginnings

My very first shoot was for my older brother, Kyle, and his new fiancé Kaylin! They said they weren't going to have any engagement photos taken, so I BEGGED to take them (like any artsy little sister would)! I was 17 years old and had always loved to take photos, but I had NO CLUE what I was doing with my $100 CoolPix camera (which died halfway through the shoot and I took the rest of the shoot on my brother's cell phone...). Here were the results:



I actually remember going in and manually blurring out the background in the bottom left photo because my camera had no bokeh effect!! If you zoom in, you can tell I forgot to blur out the post below my brother's hand..... BIG yikes!! I used an online editing system called PicMonkey and I stayed up until 3:ooam on a school night editing in the sun flare by Kaylin's head... ya know, just to add a little pizzazz! LOL! I am cringing so hard at the work I was SO proud of back then, but that's the greatest news!! That means that I have lived and I've LEARNED! And NOW:



I went from awkward posing, inconsistent editing, faux lighting effects, and cheesy angles, to bright and consistent photos! I gifted my brother these photos this past spring when we all went to the beach together for the first time since my nephew, Carson, was born!! There used to be moments when I would be mortified to have a session in full sunlight near the middle of the day, but now (even with harsh beach lighting) I feel confident! It all comes down to experience and education. You NEED both, but you must start with one - EDUCATION! 

Winter 2010

Summer 2013

Spring 2016

I got my first camera and started inviting my friends over to have photo shoots out in my backyard or down by our creek. This season consisted of me copying all the things I loved on Pinterest! 

I booked my first wedding that summer, but was absolutely terrified! I can't even remember if I charged them more than $100. That fall I started school as an Art Major at North Greenville University where I learned the fundamentals of design and first experimented with film photography.

I graduated from North Greenville University as a Studio Art Major with a focus in Photography. I bought my first full frame camera, Mark iii 5D with the money I made from booking all my college friend's engagement photos, weddings, senior photos, headshots, etc!!

My Experience Timeline

Present Date

I now shoot with a Canon EOS R6 mirrorless camera in Nashville, TN. I have shot sessions in Mexico, Paris, Israel, and various States, including New York, Florida, Texas, California, Hawaii, and most of the East Coast! 




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