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Wedding Session

Since 2013, I have been photographing weddings across the East Coast. This was all while pursuing my bachelor's degree in Studio Art specializing in photography. Also, to further my education, I will soon complete my master's degree in Executive Leadership. I proudly present these accomplishments to you because my resume only echoes the fact that I desire to give my brides the best! I have a passion to grow constantly and become more skilled at my craft everyday, and that is for the sole benefit of those who choose me to photograph their big day.

Family Session

I just love when my mom pulls out our old family album of when my siblings and I were young. As we crowd around, I'm sucked back in time to a vague, foggy memory. Sometimes I think that without these pictures of my bare feet, 90's scrunchies, and the old couch that I watched The Little Mermaid on a million times, that I might have lost those memories forever. Quality photos are an investment in a family's lineage to be passed down and cherished by those long after us.

Bridal Session

Ever since I was a little girl, I have dreamed of being a bride. I was the kid in her mothers wedding dress saying I'd marry my daddy. I was waiting for that one, single day I'd wear a dream dress covered in lace or intricate beading. Bridals are quite possibly my favorite type of session because of the stress free, one-on-one time we have to capture that bridal glow. If you were like me growing up, admiring your mother's youth in her bridal portraits, I strongly encourage you to invest.

Engagement Session

An engagement is the decision to interweave two futures. A pair that are so set on one another that they couldn't imagine life apart, so they did something about it! This time is too exciting to go undocumented. As life goes on, life gets hard, yet you remain side-by-side. Why? It is because of the decision that is represented by these photographs. So sure and so in love, every couple should do themselves the favor of documenting this decision. So no matter where life takes you, you'll remember the youthful love that led you to chose your best friend to do life with.

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