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Nashville Guide - Anzie Blue

I feel like it is appropriate that I start this post off by saying: You're welcome.

That's right! I'm introducing you to your new favorite vibe-y coffee shop! Whether you are a Nashville native or you're just in town for the weekend, you MUST go check out Anzie Blue.

I always appreciate an extremely intentional theme. The blue and white take over is fun and light hearted. Even down to the fun blue and white paper straws, you feel like you’ve just arrived at a party, except Anzie Blue is simply a celebration of life. It’s the escape that everyone is looking for when they leave their house to catch up with a friend, or a place to enjoy a couple hours of indulgence for a personal escape.

Anzie Blue will only be one year old this November, so don't be surprised if you've not visited yet!

I'll just be surprised by the end of the week if you STILL haven't been! LOL.

When you go in, they’ll offer to add CBD to your drink, which I had no idea what that meant before I discovered Anzie Blue. However, they helped explain that CBD is derived from the hemp plant, reduces anxiety, and is a natural anti inflammatory. Look it up, or better yet, head to Anzie Blue and ask them all about it. You can shop along the walls for oils, pottery, and jewelry. They also serve lunch sandwiches, waffles, and the box of goodies pictured above (to name a few that caught my eye)!

When I asked, they said their Lavender Lemonade is currently their signature drink. However, I hadn’t had my coffee yet this morning, so I had to go for the coffee version. I paid $6.01 for a 16oz Lavender Latte.


Of course, most millennials wouldn’t blink an eye at a GOOD $6 cup of coffee, but when a coffee shop serves you a cup full of syrup, you suddenly remember you’re broke and you’re ticked that you just paid that much money. Well, Anzie Blue served my lavender late with REAL lavender in it. The lavender flavor is present, but not over powering like pure syrup would be. The coffee taste comes through full and rich. I don’t know about your coffee preference, but that’s my ideal cup of Joe. Soooo go on to Starbucks if you want overpriced sugar in a cup. LOL.

Next time? Lavender Lemonade and waffles for me! What will you get?


Check them out on the following:


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