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Bridal Session - Callie Cook - Castle Recording Studios

When Callie was describing her fairytale wedding, I knew her bridal session would need to be fit for a queen!! The Castle Recording Studios in Franklin, TN was absolutely perfect, especially since Callie was working a tiara! It would have been impossible to settle for any other place. Callie and Joshua's wedding was this past weekend, so I am SO excited I get to finally post these!!

If you scroll through these and see a giggly smile from Callie, it's because I'd said, "Alright, now this one is for Joshua!!" and she just couldn't help but smile every time I said his name. These two certainly found true love and got that fairytale ending we all dream about... I couldn't be happier for them!

I can't believe we actually found a castle! Like, what?!

This one is a favorite!! An actual QUEEN!

Yes, we went to the roof of the castle... and yes, it was epic!!!

I couldn't get enough of this light... Bringing that "bridal glow" to life!

This dress fit her so perfectly! Wowza!!

EXCUSE ME!? Callie, is this real life??

This black and white photo belongs in a magazine... She's too perfect!

This is the picture of pure joy!!!! I wish every happiness to you both! <3


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