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The Griener Family - Mommy + Me - York, South Carolina

Meet my dear friend, Brooke Greiner! She's without doubt one of the most beautiful and genuine women I know. If she looks familiar, it's probably because I've been posting about her life ever since my early college years when I was still getting started in photography. Orrrrr maybe you're one of her 27k Instagram followers! I can feel Brooke's humility setting in through the screen, LOL. She'd respond to this simply explaining her goals to glorify God through every blessing and that's exactly what she does. She empowers women and speaks so much truth and love with her platform. Every time I get a message from Brooke about getting photos done, there are few things that could ever get in way of making that happen. So, scroll on through and meet her beautiful daughter Lila Leovanna!

Home Sweet Home!

She definitely has her momma's eyes! <3

Nothing like a mommy + me black and white shot! <3

Um, could I look like you while holding my infant one day?

Yeah? K, thanks.

Too much cuteness in one place! <3

This might be my favorite shoot to date...

& it's possible that meeting your mini-me had a little something to do with that... ;)

Love both of you so much!



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