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Carson Everett Wray - Family Session - Shelby, North Carolina

Everyone, meet Carson Everett Wray!

He was born September 27th, the morning my sister and I headed home to North Carolina.

My brother, Kyle, and his wife, Kaylin, facetimed us right before we drove home.

They said, "Hey, do yall want to help Emi pick out her outfit for the apple orchard today?"

We said, "Sure! We're just hopping in the car to head that way!"

Then, the camera flips to a little baby boy.

Confused, I exclaim, "Wait, whose baby is that? KYLE, whose baby is that?!?"

My brother just laughs, "He's ours. He came early!"

Shocked, KK asked, "What?! What's his name??"

"Carson. His name is Carson."

Annnnnddd here was Emery's reaction to meeting her little brother!

Um, and who's this?

(If I had to interpret...)

This is my favorite family photo they have to date!

I have laughed so much at the truth written in her little eyes.... HAHAHA

Slowly, she started warming up to him!

But the glares still came in waves.... BAHAHA!

Then, my brother Kyle decided to make little Carson dance and Emi thought it was hilarious!

And she decided to dance along.... <3

Followed by a few pets and kisses!

And the verdict???

I think she realized daddy has enough room on his lap for both of them! <3

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