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Christian Coe - Senior Session - York, South Carolina

Don't be mad at me Christian, but I had to add in the first time I took your photo at the end of this blog post. MAINLY because I had to somehow show how crazy it feels to have just shot your senior photos! Time flies and I hope you soak up this season and celebrate this milestone. It's no secret that you 2020 graduates did not experience a conventional exit from your last semester. However, we can safely say it was a memorable exit! So I hope you always look back at these photos we took at your sister's house as a reminder of how much time you spent at home your senior year! HAHA!

We may or may not have felt the spontaneous need to channel a Highschool Musical moment!

Anddddddd as promised, here are the FIRST & LAST photos I ever took of Christian and Brooke!

As you can see, he was a littttttle taller this go-around!

But I know for me and my siblings, some things never change. ;)



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