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Nashville Guide - Coffee and Coconuts

If you live in the Franklin area, you have a real gem in your neighborhood. Coffee and Coconuts is just magical. Not only was my coffee delicious, but the atmosphere is super inviting. I sat for a while chatting with friends and getting some work done and didn't feel like I was imposing. That is such an important thing for someone like me that works from home and needs a small getaway! My $5 was well spent on my honey lavender latte (which is always my go-to this time of year). The only downside to this place?? It's 30 minutes away from me!!!! C&C, if you're listening, Bellevue would love one of their very own!

Please, and thank you, xoxo!

Yep, THAT is my latte!

& soooooooo

I drank my coffee out of a coconut mug and it almost made up for all the travel restrictions these days.

Just sayin!

Also, I have mad respect for a shop with a cool bathroom.

I definitely felt self-conscious taking my camera to the bathroom, but I'm sure they're used to it!!

Enjoy your tropical getaway!


Coffee and Coconuts Website:


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