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Crino Wedding Day - Fiddle Dee Farms - Nashville, Tennessee

This day was perfect, there is no other way to put it! Fiddle Dee Farms was beyond stunning and everyone who came to support Morgan and Caleb were SO ready to celebrate them.. And that's exactly what we did every step of the day!! You will see so much joy in every photo. There is something really special about a couple who lives totally separate lives until their wedding day! The anticipation of a whole life together is so uncontainable, and I have smiled the entire time I've edited these photos. It was a joy to witness and document my friends, The Crinos, so I hope these photos help you two relive this day over and over again!

It's definitely a day worth remembering!

This venue was epic!

I always love "the almost kiss"

These two were pros at the dip!!

Dancing bridal party moment? YES!!!!


They were a liiiiiittle excited!!

What a cool idea to have live worship after the ceremony!

This venue was just stunning!


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