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The Traveler - Destin, Florida

We planned this trip so last minute, but the roommates and I took off to Destin, FL over my birthday. There is nothing quite as bonding as vacationing together! Maybe it's the long drive where the week's anthem is born. Maybe it's the close quarters of the condo and newfound bed buddy. Maybe it's the alignment of humor and collection of inside jokes. Regardless of the reason, we all bonded this so much over this week and I couldn't ask for better roomies!

Aren't these SO FUN!? You whip that hair, girl!!

KK has always hated her picture taken, but WHYYY KK?! You're a MODEL!!

Woooooorkk it, Jazz!

This little area at Santa Rosa Beach is my FAVORITE! You must visit Amavida Coffee!

Me and KK in our most natural state... :D

Meet my adopted sisters, Oksana and Jazz!!

Yasssss, I see you girl!!!!

It was certainly a birthday to remember! We all took home so many memories and a super great tan. We will always remember the crazy dares and the car karaoke! The coffee shops will forever hold a spot in our hearts for keeping us caffeinated, and best of all - we got home and woke up under the same roof to do it all over again the next day.... I just can't believe that I've found the sisterhood I've always wanted! <3


Amavida Coffee:

Two Birds Coffee:


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