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Engagement Session - Gabby + Marcus - Nashville, Tennessee

The Pedestrian Bridge in Nashville is one of the hot spots for photos sessions, but there was something really special about this one in particular. Somehow it felt brand new this time. It probably had everything to do with meeting Gabby and Marcus for the first time. They were sincerely a pleasure to work with -- talk about a quality couple!! Hearing their story while walking Downtown Nashville just brought this spot to life... AND we had the most incredible weather!! I loved every single photo we took, so this was a hard shoot to narrow down enough to blog! Thanks you two for allowing me to be part of documenting your story..

it's a beautiful one that deserves to be told!

Ooooh, the Nashville skyline!!

This one is just so magical to me... Yall are picture perfect!

Because everyone needs to dance in downtown Nashville.... At least once. :)

This spot was so cool!

This is also a fave... whew! YALL BETTER WERK!!

Yasssss! THOSE EYESSS!!!

The wind is just working with us!!!

Honestly, these last photos are why it's always hard to end a shoot!! They look so perfect..... Sheesh!!


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