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The Godinez Family - Colorado Springs, CO

Can somebody pinch me? The Garden of the God's is on my bucket list for IDEAL photo spots! I can't believe this session happened and that I got to capture the most adorable family... Meet the Godinaz family from Colorado!! Scott was the speaker for the camp I led worship for last month, so it was especially fun to get to know his sweet wife and daughters!

I felt that it was most appropriate to start off this blog with a tickle fight because this shoot was pure ENERGY! These sisters know how to have fun and are adorably curious.... in fact, it was their first time to visit Garden of the Gods as a family, so it was really sweet to see it through their eyes!

I used to be terrified of shooting in direct sunlight until I realized how incredible the colors could be!!

I honestly couldn't have imagined a cuter family for my first Colorado photo session... :)

LOL, what is a sister photo shoot without evidence of wiping off the kiss in disgust?

Colorado, I'll come see you again soon.... <3



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