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Life & Lessons - Posting the Good & Bad

It's no secret that we all try to put our best foot forward!

I mean, most of us grew up watching our mom yell at us and then answer the phone sweetly.

We answer, "I'm doing great!" to anyone who asked.

We always practice super hard before we perform in any sense.

And OF COURSE, we delete all the bad photos!!

It wasn't until recently that I realized how people may perceive me these days. I mean, I really only interact with most all my old friends solely through the lens of social media. Out of 100 pictures, I'll post the one good one and archive the "okay" and the "ugly."

But I forget I'm the only one who sees those. You know, the bad ones!

I go through and weed out the talking, blinking, bossing, falling, tripping, awkward photos. And if you're anything like me, you tend to remember those even when you delete them. We're highly aware of how far from perfect we are because we constantly critique, but you don't realize that nobody else saw the bad like you did. The fact of the matter is that I almost fall in every shoot, and my precious little sister looooves to capture those and laugh at me for a good five minutes... Or I'll confidently do a hair flip and hit a stranger behind me... Or I'll try to fix a button on my shirt and have three chins...

I'd rather not continue... but you get the picture??

Welllll. Technically you haven't gotten those pictures... until NOW!

This is my collection of bests AND worst. They make me laugh and I hope you do too.

So enjoy mine and my sister's favorite photos of me side-by-side!

Here is me casually flipping my hair behind my shoulder because it takes A LOT of force.

Alright, I'm a little dramatic with the amount of force required, but WHATEVS! haha

This may not be as obvious, but did you notice in the first picture how I'm grabbing a twig?? Welp, my loving sister thought it was hilarious and laughed so hard that I almost couldn't even hold it together for the second, more natural "hand on tree" photo...

Yep, just a little breeze and my bangs part like the red sea...

and apparently my resting face is an angry one?? I promise, I'm not even mad!?

Other times, I'm just purposefully ridiculous. If I'm going to rope KK into taking my picture, I might as well give her my signature sisterly look every here and there.

This is me running, which I don't do very often - don't let this fool you.

And to prove it, I am just about to topple over into the trees in the second one.

To be honest, I can't remember the recovery story, but just know that I'm not a photogenic runner...

& I'm okay with that.

This is my reaction to stubbing my bare foot and falling down some stairs.

I was crying, both from the pain and at KK's reaction when she showed me this picture!! HAHA!!!

And the best is for last.... I'm pretty sure KK still loves this one the most!

We consider this my "turtle look" or maybe it was my ultimate chin tuck?!

However, I normally only save it for KK's viewing pleasure, but not anymore...

And that's because we all take ourselves so seriously these days.

Perfection is not my goal because I don't want to be exhausted for the rest of my life.

So here I am letting you see what I see to encourage you to not place anyone on an unrealistic pedestal.

Every single person alive has their falling, twig grabbing, turtle-face-giving moments.

And a few moments later they can capture an altogether different look.

So just be thankful for ALL the moments..... & just laugh. :)


Thank you KK for taking most of these photos and letting me boss you around all the time.

You're the real MVP!

& mother, thanks for taking the two you took and not making fun of me as much as KK does. :)


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