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Lifestyle Session - Kaitlyn + Chloe - Gallatin, Tennessee

It is soo encouraging to watch other female entrepreneurs GO FOR IT! Kaitlyn and Chloe have been best friends for years and have decided to combine their talents to provide a wedding package including hair AND makeup for Tennessee brides!

My favorite thing about working with other female entrepreneurs is how ready they are to empower you! Seriously, I had not even taken a single photo at this shoot before Kaitlyn raved to Chloe how much she loved working with me and how excited she was for the shoot! I just could not believe how uplifting and kind they both were from the beginning -- & I was left thinking, WAIT isn't that supposed to be my job?! But Kaitlyn has been the most eager to brainstorm photography ideas with me and encourage me in my own business! So, I'm not exaggerating when I say it was an absolute privilege to take these photos to announce their new journey!

Meet Chloe, your makeup artist!

And meet Kaitlyn, my favorite hairdresser ever!

She is just as sweet as she is gorgeous!


They showed me around downtown Gallatin, TN!

Gosh.... When I find that perfect light, it's so hard to stop!!

Ladies, yall BETTERRR!!!!


Connect with Kaitlyn + Chloe :

The Wedding Style

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Facebook :

The House of Style Hair Salon



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