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Nashville Guide - Frothy Monkey

Some coffee shops you enjoy while others you CRAVE! I have ordered a Banana Breve Latte from Frothy Monkey far more than any other drink in Nashville. It is my absolute favorite tasting latte because it's so different than your typical mocha or caramel. After living in Nashville for two years, I have come to realize that Frothy is hands-down the staple of Nashville coffeeshops. If you can only hit one while you visit, this is my recommendation. However, you'll notice it has it's own hipster aesthetic that differs from the light & airy look I typically post about in coffee shops, but it is worth the trade.

(And that means a lot coming from me!)

Above all Nashville coffee shops, you will want to take Frothy Monkey home - I do!

Once, my sister KK surprised me with a Frothy Monkey coffee tasting day. We went through and tasted all their blends. The more exotic blends are WONDERFUL if you like to drink black coffee, but for those who love a smooth latte that will compliment added flavors, I really enjoy the BRUNCH blend.

So here I am editing at home in my crazy pants, complete with my homemade Banana Latte!

Go on and treat yo-self! ;)



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