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Self Portraits - Mackenzie Wray - Nashville, Tennessee

It's embarrassing to admit, but I actually decided to take a few self portraits after I got a TERRIBLE free spray tan... The ladies at the tanning salon apparently had one too many free clients come bother them that day because when they nonchalantly asked me what number I wanted 26 through 32, they never explained why these numbers mattered!! For all I knew, I was picking my room number!

So I asked her as I explained it was my first time in, "So what do the numbers mean??"

The employee answered emotionless and monotone, "It doesn't matter..."

But I learned afterwards, it just didn't matter to her! HA! I left the tanning salon DYING LAUGHING! I have never been this dark in my entire life and I thought it was hilarious that I had no idea what I was doing. They explained NOTHING to me when they sent me back to the tanning room....

....But now that it's fading I keep finding myself scheming on how to sign up for my next spray tan! LOL!

Here is my before and after:

And this is my beside my very pale friend to show the stark contrast. LOL!

So then I decided that I'd let my instagram friends vote to decide how to style my

self portraits and here were the results:

Selena Beach Waves

Simple Gen Z Makeup

Neutral Outfit

And here were the results :


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