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Senior Session - Atticus Sewell - Nashville, Tennessee

Atticus picked the shirt and mom picked the location -- And KUDOS to both!! We went to take the photos by the creek Atticus grew up playing in. We had to bring the guitar to play by the creek, and of course, he had to look for snakes the whole time we were by the water. (In case you didn't know, Atticus is a snake breeder!) But He has recently said "goodbye" to many of his snakes because he is heading to Africa this fall.... This news is pretty bittersweet because we are sad to see him go, but so excited for him to serve! My household sees a lot of Atticus and we have gotten use to having his talent & humor in our lives... But now is not the time to get sappy... Go check out how great his blue shirt looks by the creek... :)


^^^ Sorry, Atticus, but this one is my favorite... LOL ^^^

You made my pictures look reeeeeeeal good, Atticus! :D



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