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Senior Session - Nathan Foster - Nashville, Tennessee

The leaves at Percy Priest were showing showing off their full color this past week at Nathan's senior session! I mean, what is better than fall leaves and a man's best friend to create the perfect shoot? And even though 9/10 senior guys hate their pictures being taken, Nathan KILLED IT! Even though we almost got hit with a golf ball a few times, we had a great time wandering around the park with this cute little pup!

What made this shoot even more fun is that I got to celebrate a fellow homeschool graduate! Woo hoo, number one is our class, let's goooo!!! :) I also was homeschooled throughout and absolutely loved it, so it's so fun to celebrate with other homeschool families.

You'll see a few photos with mom and dad too. Being homeschooled somehow just creates a very deep, unique appreciation for the way mom and dad dedicated the prime of their lives to pour into you so personally and so selflessly. So, YOU DID IT!! All three of you! CONGRATS GRADS!!!!!

This is Nathan laughing when I tell him to "werk his model face!" LOL!

Told you!! These leaves were so vibrant!

Excited to see where the Lord leads you, Nathan!



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