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The Nashville Guide - Moonshot Coffee Bar - Downtown Nashville

I knew I had to visit Moonshot Coffee Bar when my roommate leaned over on our couch and she showed me their teddy gram latte, the Dirty Teddy. I decided that I would come in and see for myself and it didn't disappoint! If you enjoy chai, the Dirty Teddy is a perfect choice for you. I was pleasantly surprised when it wasn't TOO sweet -- that's always my fear when I get flavored drinks. Not only was this drink super nostalgic, but there were actually Teddy Grams on top of the latte! I can't wait to come back and try it hot!!

Their grain bowl was one of best things I have tried in Nashville! Since I am pescatarian, I am always trying to find places who can get creative with plant based ingredients, and they hit it out of the park!

Then, I tried their BRAND NEW Andies Mint coffee and it was also UNREAL!! This drink was nostalgic and so different from anything else I've seen in town. If you love a little mint to go with your coffee,

this will likely help with the coffee breath. LOL!

Thanks for the great experience, Moonshot! We'll see you again soon.


Instagram: @moonshotnashville

Address: 300 Gay Street, Nashville, TN


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