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The Nashville Guide - The Roommates - Fall 2020

As the title would suggest, I am here to inform you of all the big to-do's of Nashville in the fall! Truth be told, we were aiming to have this photo shoot in Cheekwood Gardens (one of the hotspots to visit), but we got there and realized that it was ticketed and sold out. We also realized it was $18 per person....soooo we'll plan ahead next time FOR SURE! Needless to say, Jazz said she saw a cute pumpkin patch across from Trader Joe's earlier int he day, so we jump in the car and drive to plan B! What she didn't realize was that it was literally a singular patch of pumpkins.... hahah! We laughed and made the most of it anyway! I'd say we're pretty much pros at making the most of what we have. <3




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