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The Traveler - North Carolina Apple Orchards


This has been the longest, strangest, and most unbelievable year ever! Honestly, coming home to North Carolina for the first part of October was exactly what we needed. I didn't realize all the perks of spending fall in NC until I moved away. The mountain orchards are unbeatable, and the cool air is just a bit more crisp than Nashville....and everything feel so RIGHT! But simply having my niece with me makes everything 100x better anyway... <3

Enjoy the progression of "I'm gonna getcha!"

It is probably Emi's biggest thrill of life right now...

Typical me, I had to have at least a mini shoot in the apple orchard!

If KK would pose, I'd make her model, but that's been a life long battle I always lose.

Emi looking for the perfect apple hit me in the feels!

I know I'm biased, but she's just perfect to me...

Emi got cold so, we put Kami's jacket on her so she could still feed the animals....

This was Emi's reaction to me hula-hooping...

So of course we had to hula-hoop together! <3

It was a full day..... in heart and in deed.

And Emi's face sums up how we ALL felt by the end of our orchard hop!


All the orchards we visited:


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