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The Wray Family - Baby Announcement - Shelby, North Carolina

Yesterday was the first day of fall, yall! Once I got to thinking, I realized we only have about 3 months left in this year!! Immediately, I went into full fledge reminiscing mode. Normally this looks like me sitting on my couch as I gawk through my camera reel... "Aw, remember when we went and visited the fam, KK!" .... "Ooo, or when we threw this party for Jazz? She was so surprised!!" ... "What about that time I made those nasty cookies and fed them to all our friends right after you bragged on my baking skills?"

- - -

Welp, "reminiscing mode" is exactly why you're seeing pictures of my niece from this past spring! When we took these photos, my sister-in-law was not even showing and NOW she is due in ONE WEEK! I just can't believe I'll get to meet my first nephew in a matter of days.

For me, there is nothing like a photograph that lets me pause time and be thankful for my season.

So before I ever see his little face or know his name, I'm going to gawk over my favorite baby...

(While I can still say that she's my favorite!) ;)

OMG....Her shocked face!! She melts my heart on ALL the levels... <3

Then little Emery decided to take this shoot to the play house...

Me: "Hey KK, remember that time I took Emery's pictures and she played peek-a-boo in her little house? That was a great day..."

*Goes and writes this blog post...& I only cried a little!!*


Check out my sister-in-law's maternity session:


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