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Tips for the Bride - Getting Ready Photos

I have photographed my fair share of weddings over the years and each of those experiences have taught me something new. If I could sit down with every bride, I'd want to inform you of all that you have to consider and educate you to make your expectations realistic. Most photographers will offer engagement and bridal sessions, but many decide to skip out on a bridal photo session. If you decide to skip out on a bridal session, you must realize that the photos in this post are an idealized version of the bridal photos you MAY or MAY NOT receive on your wedding day. But if time allows, you may be able to get some day-of photos of you in your gown. One of the simplest, yet game-changing tips is to make sure that your "getting ready area" is near a large window. The less clutter, the better, but I've never actually witnessed a clean bridal suite, LOL, but it's the effort that counts. However, please realize that by skipping out on a bridal session that the photos below would be an idealized version of the bridal photos you would have of yourself, so you need to decide if photos of you in your gown is a priority. If so, schedule a bridal session!!!

These were taken by a massive window with a clean wall (room pictured below).

This is the room where these photos were taken. The bigger the window THE BETTER!

"Photo" means "light."

It's very necessary!! LOL.

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