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Tips for the Bride - Should I Have a Bridal Session?

Weddings are expensive. We all know that! That means brides have to prioritize and ask themselves some tough questions. One of those questions are, "Should I have a bridal session or not?" If you're a bride and you're on the fence about it, I'd like to take the time to educate you on this decision. If you want more than one or two decent photos of you alone in your wedding gown, then you need to book a bridal session. You do not want to set unrealistic expectations in your mind about all that your photographer should deliver. There are so many moving parts and moments to be captured on a wedding day. I normally capture (at the very least) some candids of the bride, but the bride is normally caught up in the moment and wants to toast with her friends. She's dreamed about the moment her dad will see her for the first time in her dress and she's reading a note from the groom. A bridal shoot is not on the agenda on a typical wedding day. Here is one of my TRUE BLUE clients (a client I've worked with for 3 shoots or more), Brooke Greiner, and a look at her bridal pictures back in 2012.

And my favorite part??? This first photo was framed, printed, and on display at the reception! It was so stunning and a fabulous idea. The day of, the guests do not spend much one-on-one time with the bride, so while she's out taking photos before the reception, that large bridal print out is a beautiful way to show off your bridal glow as well as additional decor!

She looks like she's straight out of a Jane Austen film. So classic and southern.

I adore this glow - Angelic!!!

Brooke had a bouquet made to use for her bridal session. It really makes the difference in photos, even if it's not as nice as your day-of bouquet, something is better than nothing.

Do yourself the favor and save yourself the stress of ONE MORE thing you have to do the day of. The calm her eyes and perfect placement of her hair...No tears smearing the mascara and no planner yelling at you to hurry up. Bridal portraits are simply a moment that goes un-captured on a wedding day.



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