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Travel - The Roommates go to Hawai'i - Part 1

This past spring, my roommate Jazz and I went on a coffee date to Frothy Monkey. We talked about our summer plans -- how she would go home to visit Minnesota and how I would be singing at camps all summer. Then I said, "Jazz we needed something to look forward to together... a trip somewhere!" She said, "Yeah! You could come visit Minnesota at some point while I am home!" I thought, that would be an adventure since I have never been to Minnesota! We entertained that idea for only a few moments when I glanced up at Jazz and asked, "What about Hawai'i??" With that, her eyes got wide and my smile did too...

Needless to say, we told the roommates our plan and next thing we know... We're booking tickets!!!

Our first night in Kona, we chased down the sunset and found this incredible beach. It honestly felt other-worldly! It was one of the few places I've visited that I could confidently describe as "paradise!"

And anybody that knows me knows I can't JUST shoot landscape... I love my models!! Jazz is just my built-in model...and neither of us ever complain about it! haha

I typically cringe at the thought of blogging a phone photo, but we had just arrived and my camera gear was packed up in the back of the car... It had just rained and I saw this (double) rainbow in the rearview!!

So we swerved on the side of the road to snag some snapshots!

We stayed at an Airbnb in Kona and we were so surprised at how adorable and affordable it was to rent out! It was less than $100 a night! (I'll include the link at the end of this post!)

We knew going into our trip that we wanted to find the best coffee possible since Kona is known for coffee, but we just so happened to hit the jackpot on our first try! We went to Kona Coffee & Tea almost every day of our trip, even when we stayed 25 minutes away!! It was the best coffee I have ever tasted!!

This little spot called Magic Sands, La'aloa Beach Park was just right down the road and we spent our first morning doing our quiet time at sunrise. This is also the same spot Oksana was brushed by a sea turtle...

We saw SO MANY sea turtles!

Kua Bay was all of our favorite beach!! The water was crystal clear... I've never seen more beautiful water!!

Oksana and I decided we would try out a quick photo opt... which I'm ALWAYS down for!

But this moment caught us both by surprise... LOL!

I almost edited out the two little heads in the water, but then I realized it was KK and Jazz!!

We loved being able to see all the fish since the water was so clear! It was incredible.

KK (my sister) killing it with the one handed handstand!!

Mauna Kea is one of the top stargazing spots in the world!! If you end up visiting Kona, know that you need four-wheel drive and rental cars are not permitted up the mountain. BUT you can pay to be taken up!

Here are a few pictures of the stars I took... But they hardly do it justice!

We found vegan Hawaiian pizza at a cute little vegan spot called Herbivore!

Clearly, we vegan girls were a little excited... <3

And of course we picnicked with our pizza at our favorite sunset spot!

Hawaii post, part 2 coming soon!


The Roommates in Hawaii - Part 2: Coming SOON!

Here is a link to our AirBnb that was only $96 a night:

Our favorite beach on Kona Island: Manini'owali Beach (Kua Bay) - Love Big Island

Our favorite coffee spot:


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