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True Blue Client - Season After Season

I was having coffee with a photographer friend here in Nashville, Eliza Kennard (@elizakennard), and I was telling her about my clients that I've documented for years! Her eyes went wide when I was explaining how common this was in my business. She said, in her experience, that multiple sessions with a client is very uncommon! She went on about how special it was that I have this privilege of watching families grow. My heart fluttered at how honored I felt that these families scheduled shoots with me year after year to capture their season.

And SO - I have decided to give all my clients who have had three or more shoots with me the title "TRUE BLUE CLIENTS." I will be individually posting a photo from each of their sessions to represent all of our shoots together, as well as sending each of these clients a True Blue gift! <3 My appreciation for all of you grew so much with this realization and I'm so thankful for your investment in me. So, my first True Blue post is dedicated to the Gibson Family!! You can watch their family grow like my camera and I have over the years.....

2020 Again:

This shoot was a gift for Granny and Nana!

And I'm not sure if you can tell or not, but I think they had a lot of fun. :)

Five sessions in five years and I'm still always shocked at how much the kids change every few years!

Thank you Gibson Family for supporting me as a 19 year old and thank you for the honor of documenting your family season after season.


True Blue Clients - Clients who have booked three or more shoots.


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