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12 Month Giveaway - February - Audrey + Olivia

February’s session was such a dream!!! January’s recipient, Jazz Davis, gifted February’s styled session to two of her best friends, Olivia + Audrey. These stunning sisters were SO much fun to hang out with. Jazz always talks about how much she admires their relationship & their constant desire to build each other up in this world of comparison.

Jazz join Olivia & Audrey at our shoot together, and these sisters sang Jazz’s songs on repeat for the last half of our session together, constantly saying how talented Jazz is & how great her songs are!! It made my heart happy to see them cheer her on at their own photoshoot. They were exactly as Jazz described! Kind and uplifting.

I have to say, a downtown sister session is totally different than anything I’ve ever done before, so I enjoyed styling this session. I chose matching oversized blazers, but also intentionally individualized them as well — just like sisters tend to be!! These two looked so much alike that even while I was editing their session, sometimes I’d have to refocus on who was who!

I played around a little with my editing style to have a little more of a film look to it. Film is hugely popular right now, so I loved styling a session knowing I was going to based my editing off the vintage grain that film produces. The outfits were actually inspired by a Kim K oversized blazer look. I wanted something simple that didn't take away from their beauty and that's exactly what we achieved. I love that they are the focus in every photo and I could not be happier with how these turned out!

Ahhh, the individual shots were too perfect... These two should honestly model!

Jazz made a short video for why she chose Olivia + Audrey to recieve the Febrary session!

I can’t wait to share Olivia’s pick for March!!! Stay tuned!! 🤍🤍



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