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Downtown Nashville - Kyleigh + Jordan - Pink Figaro Engagement Styled Shoot

There is nothing like going Downtown Nashville for a creative engagement shoot! Especially when you have an incredible vendor like @pinkithefigaro to take it over the top! Kyleigh was one of my first roommates when moving to Nashville four years ago! Since then, I've done multiple shoots with her and her husband Jordan, but this is hands down my favorite we've done together! Just look at that car!!!

When Lori, the owner of this adorable pink Figaro, reached out to me about doing a photo shoot with this car, I knew immediately that I wanted these two to model for my vintage downtown shoot!! And I couldn't be happier to have such sweet friends that are even willing to pose when it started pouring rain!! So thanks a million to all of you for helping me bring this vision to life!!

Girl, you're literally flawless!! Sheesh...

And this was the exact moment we said GOODBYE clear skies....

Which leads us to the creative Take Two of this shoot!! LOL!


Kyleigh + Jordan



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