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Oksana + Tanner - Engagement Session - Louisville, Kentucky

My roommate, Oksana, asked if we could shoot her engagement photos in Louisville, KY where she and Tanner met! It was an easy two hour drive from Nashville, so we all hopped in the car and made a day trip out of it. They showed me all their favorite spots and the exact patio where he first heard her contagious laugh in Seminary!

Meeting Oksana is easily one of my favorite blessings since moving to Nashville. Her endless energy and heart to serve others is honestly supernatural.. If you know Oksy then you know exactly what I mean! Having her as my roommate the past year and a half has been the best season of my life and I am so so so thankful that Tanner is like a brother to us roommates. His heart for the Lord and his love for Oksana is so apparent. It almost makes the thought of seeing her go in May a little more bearable... You two will do so much good for the Kingdom!

I love you both and hope you take in every moment of your engagement season!

Of course we had to stop at this beautiful arch!

Get ready... These photos laying in the leaves are FAVES!!!

This field had to be my favorite spot of the whole day!!

This is where Tanner and Oksy met for the first time!

Tanner said this is the spot he heard Oksana's laugh for the first time, so we HAD to stop!

Our final spot of the day was the pedestrian bridge downtown!


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