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The Proposal - Oksana + Tanner - Nashville, Tennessee

My roommate’s proposal story from my perspective: Tanner reached out to me about a month ago to make sure I’d be free to take photos of him asking my roomie, Oksana, to MARRY HIM! I was like, “OBVIOUSLY! If I wasn’t free, I am NOW!” He described his plan: she would walk into a big surprise birthday party and in the middle of the party, Tanner would propose! SO we planned this big night where Tanner would ask Oksana to marry him in front of all the people they know & love!

Well, me and my other two roommates, KK & Jazz got there early to set up the balloon wall and get final details squared away!

The time finally comes and Oksana walks into this big surprise party!!! I’m taking photos and everyone is whispering to ask me “when is he proposing?” I’m like, “SOON!” So I go pull Tanner aside and give him a few pointers and pep talk LOL! Now, he’s ready for the big moment. 😝

Well, Tanner and Oksana square up right in front of the wall just like I instructed him bahah😅😅 and Tanner fumbles in this bag to get the ring box and the box is empty. ALL FORTY OF US ARE FILMING THIS! LOL! And then we start laughing cause he is looking everywhere for this ring!!! 😅😅 Tanner then just looks up at her and says, “Well, the question I was going to ask you.... I believe I already have!!!” *cue collective gasp* And to everyone’s utter shock, Oksana pulled the ring out of her pocket and said, “WE’ER ENGAGED!”

Long story short, Oksana is very perceptive & Tanner shifted gears to a secret and super beautiful proposal earlier that day. But you’ll have to ask Oksana for THAT story. 💖😜

Needless to say, we were definitely the ones surprised at Oksana’s surprise party. LOL!

LOL, their smiles!! I was taking this photo in complete SHOCK!

But it was so THEM! Of course they tricked us.... haha!

Everyone was either laughing or just shocked with their jaws dropped!

&& I'm just going to soak in this sweet season with my three beautiful roommates! <3

This will always be one of the best seasons of my life!



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