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The Proposal - Caleb + Morgan - Nashville, Tennessee

I am one of those people who LOVE surprises! So, naturally, planning out proposal plans with the fellas is a blast for me. Morgan had reached out to me about a month ago to plan this "branding shoot" for some of her business endeavors, that is, until Caleb hijacked the photoshoot with a very important question. He had to find a way to make sure she was photoshoot ready and had a free schedule! I was so excited when Caleb let me in on the plan... But to keep the secret, I kept "planning" this shoot with Morgan AND planning the real details with Caleb!

Caleb chose the spot where they went on their first date, Sump Coffee in Nashville. It was just us three in the room and Caleb sang a song he wrote to propose. They were crying. I was crying. AND SHE SAID YES!!

And I wiped away my happy tears in time to snap all these moments. So it was an overall success!

I cannot look through these without reliving the joy of that moment... I'm just smiling ear-to-ear... tearing up only a little.... xoxox, Morgan and Caleb, I CANNOT wait for this wedding!!!!



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