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Styled Bridal Shoot - Classic Southern Bride - Morgan Comer

It was impossible for me to imagine this bridal shoot without a classic, Southern Bride.

When I think of a classic bride, I think of someone who is always smiling and radiates kindness.

And that is exactly why I thought of Morgan Comer as my Southern Belle Bride!

I also had a lot of fun creating the backdrop and eucalyptus wreaths, which would have never come to life without AV and Jo's help last Friday! Not only did I take photos and do most the girl's make-up, I also had to set up this whole scene!! These girls were so amazing to lend their hands to make this whole shoot happen.

I'm so so thankful for my incredible friends!!

I don't know why, but there is nothing quite like a portrait black and white photo...

And I kinda love the fact that you have a halo in this photo! HAHA


Morgan, you are just the picture of joy, grace, and elegance!

Thank you for bringing your charm to make this shoot COMPLETE.

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PHOTOGRAPHY: @mackenziewray_photography

VENUE: @canneryballroom @eventsoncanneryrow

HAIR: @traehowardhair

COOKIES: @thecookiecartnash

WEDDING GOWNS: @oliazavozina

MAKEUP + FLORAL DESIGNER: @macken_cheese

MODEL: Morgan Comer


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