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Styled Bridal Shoot - Hollywood Bride - Caley Caldwell

When I play around with make-up, one of my favorite looks is what I call the "Hollywood" look! It's subtle make-up, until you apply the bright red lips! Then, there is nothing subtle about it at all!!

When I envisioned the Hollywood Bride, Caley was the first person to pop into my mind - obviously!

Like my other brides, Caley couldn't have fit her look more perfectly. <3

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PHOTOGRAPHY: @mackenziewray_photography

VENUE: @canneryballroom @eventsoncanneryrow

HAIR: @traehowardhair

COOKIES: @thecookiecartnash

WEDDING GOWNS: @oliazavozina

MAKEUP + FLORAL DESIGNER: @macken_cheese

MODEL: Caley Caldwell


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