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Styled Bridal Shoot - Cinderella Bride - Jazz Davis

Many people have asked me how this whole styled shoot came to be, and the truth is, I was on Pinterest one day over the holidays and saw a photo of four brides standing side by side. It was that simple. I looked at those women in their beautiful gowns and thought, I COULD CREATE THAT! So I did. I started seeking out my ideal vendors and asked a few lovely friends who weren't camera shy, and amazingly enough, everyone was just as excited to be part as I was! Then, I decided to give each bride a theme, and the first bride I want to introduce you to is my Cinderella Bride, Jazz, my roommate!

As always, Cinderella has to have her grand exit run out the door!!

This day was JUST as beautiful as the photos lead on....

Honestly!! This day was a fairytale!


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PHOTOGRAPHY: @mackenziewray_photography

VENUE: @canneryballroom @eventsoncanneryrow

HAIR: @traehowardhair

COOKIES: @thecookiecartnash

WEDDING GOWNS: @oliazavozina

MAKEUP + FLORAL DESIGNER: @macken_cheese

MODEL: @jazzdavisofficial


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