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Isabella Besco - Snow Day - Nashville, Tennessee

The moment I saw that it was going to snow in Nashville, I knew I had to offer snow photo sessions!! The next day, Isabella's dad called and said they'd talked about having pictures in the snow just that morning...and the rest is history!! When they described the dress she had picked out, I knew this was about to be a statement shoot. I drove from West Nashville to Franklin in the snow (which was totally worth it), but even more impressive than that is the fact that Bella hardly complained that she was cold for the entire TWO HOURS we took photos! As for me? I think I listed a body part I could no longer feel every fifteen minutes and I was in snow attire!! But what a GREAT way to start off the new year! Isabella was every photographer's dream model.

This is hands down my favorite shot of the day...

Is she not the cutest? I can't help but smile at these... :)

The photos you are about to see are some of my favorites EVER, but the wind that created the incredible movement was FRIGED, yall!!! I'm not sure I've ever been more cold!! LOL! But I'd do it again in a heartbeat. :)


Just be on a magazine cover already.... dang!


Cover of Vogue? I say it's worthy. :)

Um, yes we had an outfit change...

I know.... It was freezing and I suggest she hold the snow!


I really like how these turned out... It was just a random building with two different colored walls, but I LOVE!

So, cool fact.... Some lights photograph on/off because they actually flicker constantly... And that's why every split second captures different lights being on or off!

Yall, I truly believe we could have taken a THIRD hour of photos and she still would have been THIS perfect.

Isabella, you are absolutely gorgeous and I know you can pursue any modeling goals you set, girl! <3



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