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Sunset Rock - Morgan + Caleb - Chattanooga, Tennessee

When Caleb and Morgan told me they wanted to hold off on their couple photos until two days AFTER the wedding, I was SO EXCITED! When they said that they wanted to have their photos done in Chattanooga on Sunset Rock on Lookout Mountain, that was like floating off to photographer heaven!! Not only do these two make the most beautiful couple, they picked a location that could really be on their level of beauty. After going to the honeymoon Airbnb to do Morgan's hair and makeup for our session, we went to rent this veil from Olia Zavozina, which couldn't have been more stunning!! Overall, this session captured the honeymoon bliss in it's fullness! So honored to have captured this day for the sweetest couple. #honeymoon4life :)

They belong in Vogue...

This will forever be a favorite!!

The cuteness.... I CAN'T!!!!

UGH, you two are just perfect together!

Caleb and Morgan, if you don't print this and put it in your house... I might, LOL! It is pure JOY!

Will Morgan climb a tree in her wedding dress??

Yes. Yes, she will.

Caleb and Morgan sitting in a tree... K-I-S-S-I-N-G..... <3

Congratulations to the most adorable, (clearly adventurous), couple!!

xoxox, much love you two! <3


Check out Caleb + Morgan's proposal session HERE:


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