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Makayla + Steve - Engagement Session - Nashville, TN

This Downtown Nashville engagement shoot is always going to be one of favorites and it's not just because Steve and Makayla were absolutely perfect models (and not just because #drugstorecoffee was delicious and incredibly nice). But it is because I have had a front row seat to see just how long my sister, Makayla, has waited to meet Steve. I have watched her pray and wait for the right guy who will love her, laugh with her, and inspire her! It only took one unexpected late night conversation for her to come home that night blushing saying, "I reeeeeally like Steve..." She just could not stop smiling and I knew it would only be a matter of time.

So for their engagement session, since Steve and Makayla are so chill and neither are quite as obsessed with pictures as I am.... We just all went on a date together downtown Nashville! I told them that I would make it as relaxed as they are and that they won't have to pose in fancy clothes and in a stuffy location. We were going to make their session reflect THEM! .....And I'd say we nailed it. :)

Awww, you two just look so perfect together!

My sister has the most contagious laugh... I love hearing her laughs through the photos!

& now, coffee..... :)

I title this photo : "You can drink it now!"

LOL, I love you Steve + KK! I'm so excited to celebrate you two and I can't wait for May 2023!!!!



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